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tara conlan
In times of peace, Tara worked as a paramedic in Pittsburgh. Her whole family, co-workers from the hospital, simply everyone who she knew and loved was massacred, infected or left behind. She managed to pick up her life and today she fights on. She mixes up pain killers, assembles medkits or prepares bandages for those out there on the front line battling zombies.
buck andrews
Buck never speaks about his past. He was a family man, he had a wife, children, a dog… all of whom he was forced to kill when they changed. And the old Buck? He died with them. He never recovered. His only purpose today is to build weapons and use them. He does the same for those who kill as well as he does.
roberto montero
Roberto was always good at improving stuff. He was a brilliant car mechanic but when the black days came, he went underground and lived in the sewers for a few years. Those years spent scavenging around and his knack for improvisation have made him an excellent tinkerer and gadgeteer.
yusif abubakar
Yusif originates from Nigeria. All his life he has dealt with shady and dangerous characters, laundering black market money and making deals with people who were not aware that they were engaged in deal making. Today, he is survivor and his skills are essential to the cause. However, his motivation has changed. For the first time he is helping others, even if still in his arrogant and cynical way.
herman adler
Before the war, Herman was a researcher at The Max Planck Institute in Munich. The outbreak changed everything. He witnessed his horrified co-workers running around the institute, screaming and dying like rats... Herman managed to escape and has dedicated all his further efforts to increasing the chances of survivors against the black threat.