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Survival Guide

When the Zombie apocalypse breaks out, it is important to find a good hiding spot. A shelter with all the necessary equipment will certainly help you to make some friends. What awaits you at the Hideout in Dead Trigger 2?
You’ll need a thorough knowledge of all the bloodthirsty Zombies that are ready to go right for your jugular. What types of Zombies do you have to be especially careful of?
In order to take out Zombies, you’re going to need some serious firepower! Fortunately, you have a wide variety of weapons to choose from.
The infection has spread throughout the world and now you must try to stop it. Check out the global map and find out what types of missions await you in Dead Trigger 2.
Killing Zombies doesn’t come easy and sometimes it’s downright hellish work. Lucky for you, Dead Trigger 2 offers several options for conveniently and accurately destroying your enemies.
In addition to weapons, every true survivor possesses several useful gadgets and other tools. Painkillers and grenades are a given but what about a chicken with a death canon mounted on its back?
Even in the age of apocalypse, it’s necessary to maintain contact with other survivors. So it’s a pretty good idea to visit the Dead Trigger Facebook Page, Twitter or Google+.
You will need to either find or produce all the equipment mentioned so far. To do so, you’ll need to put together a team to assist you in the fight. What NPCs will you find and what can they do?
The world is not going to rid itself of Zombies. There are cities out there awaiting liberation. Join the Resistance and together with other survivors, complete special global missions and save the world from certain doom!