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ammo chicken
Oh, these ones are scared of fighting. They will supply you with ammo instead!
boom chicken
Suicidal chickens will attract Zombies around and then go BOOM!
rocket chicken
They were meant to be launched into space. Now they are trained to be rocket-propelled kamikaze.
sentry chicken
Tough chickens that carry a small machine gun mounted to their body. Very dangerous.
Each painkiller taken will raise your health little bit.
frag grenade
Throw it into a crowd of Zombies and watch them fly.
The great thing about Zombies is that they don’t pay attention to booby traps!
sentry gun
Static turret that will take out any hostiles in sight.
second chance
So you’ve died? Survivor has been killed? Objective lost? Take a Second Chance and continue as if nothing happened.
health booster
While active, your base health is doubled.
damage booster
While active, damage dealt to enemies is doubled.
money booster
While active, all income is doubled.
This Auto-Injector device will use up a dose of medicals every time an injury is detected.